Aptos - Light Lift Needle Method Non-absorbable

Needle method - Non-absorbable threads with microscopic barbs attached to the middle of two needles

The needles have double sharp ends. After putting together, they create single sharp tip, which allows to make one entry point. Double-edged needles allows to pass the thread along any necessary contour and create circles avoiding skin retractions. Such lifting of soft tissues is powerful and reliable.

All manipulations are performed without skin cuts. The innovative device allows to stitch soft tissues, to group them and shift to aesthetically favorable position. 

Needle method soft - Absorbable & Non-absorbable threads with straight double-edged blunt tip hollow needles

New double-pointed needle – Its unrivaled flexibility is combined with exceptional bending strength. These qualities allow to even better control injection layers, to minimize effort and reduce tissue trauma. The thread is attached at the end of the needle.

The elasticity of new needles allow to fold the ends together to form a single needle tip, for easier injection.

Therapeutic indications

Face conturing
Zone de correction : front, joues/ pommettes, bajoues, plis naso-géniens , zone sous mentonnière


Polypropylene thread with barbs EP 3, USP 2/0, 500 mm (2 pcs); Double-edged, triangle-cutting needle 1.2 x 100 mm (4 pcs)
Non-absorbable soft large:
Polypropylene thread with barbs EP 3, USP 2/0, 500 mm (2 pcs); Double-edged, blunt-tip, hollow needle 21G x 110 mm (4 pcs)