DERMAPEN 4 now available at SPEGA MEDICAL

01.09.2020 - Good news ! Winner of several awards, the Dermapen 4 is now available at SPEGA MEDICAL.

With state-of-the-art technology, this microneedling instrument can treat:

Aging and sagging skin

Wrinkles and fine lines

Smoker's wrinkles

Firming and rejuvenating the skin

The dilated pores

Stretch marks

Scars (acne, surgery and burns)

What makes Dermapen's technology revolutionary is its ability to create tens of thousands of precise micro-perforations in the skin, creating channels in the epidermis. This allows the stimulation of fibroblasts for a natural activation of collagen and elastin fiber synthesis. There is thus an accelerated natural cell regeneration.

What makes Dermapen even more unique is its ability to increase skin absorption by more than 80%. They can indeed cross the barrier of the skin through the thousands of open channels in the epidermis.

Do not forget that it is also a connected instrument! The world's first digital micro-needling platform with Bluetooth.

Finally a guarantee of 7 years which proves the efficiency and the long duration of the product!

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