Discover the new Oxypod DETOX for the Super Facial OXYGENEO

30.11.2021 - Definition : A new capsule with its gel and serum for the "Super Facial Oxygeneo 


- The "Super Facial Oxygeneo" handpiece, is used with a capsule called "Oxypod", which activates all the dormant ingredients upon contact with the gel already applied to the face. 

- The results are immediately visible and are then reinforced by the Serum that is applied with the "Ultrasound" handpiece. 

- The 5 different Oxypods are natural, 3-in-1 treatments that combine exfoliation, oxygenation and nutrition. 

- The new "Oxypod Detox" is a treatment with green tea extract that has anti-inflammatory properties, cares for sensitive skin and improves blood circulation. 

- Oxypod Detox contains powerful antioxidants, such as copper gluconate and green tea extract, which protect the skin from external aggressions, while improving its texture and grain.

It ensures a balanced, fresh and rejuvenated complexion.