HAPPY NEW YEAR / The day after the holidays: don't forget your skin!

09.01.2022 - In spite of the health situation, we were able to enjoy the holidays and have dinner together, although with all the precautions and barriers...

Partying is good but not always easy for the skin!

Busy, drunken dinners, evenings spent too long... This can cost you a dull complexion and marked features.

How to radiate?

The golden rule, of course, is to remove makeup and moisturize before your rendezvous with the arms of Morpheus! You can try the

Micro-Soft Cleanser for deep cleansing...


In the morning, before your vitamin-packed breakfast, we recommend a treatment to reprogram your cells and help reactivate them. A complete NOON Brightening Starter Kit to discover on this link https://www.spega-medical.com/fr/noon-brightening-starter-kit-p1343.html (Ask your skin specialist for advice...)

To comfort this skin, the best thing to do would be to make an appointment with a doctor for a treatment with the Restructurer, in order to prevent oxidative stress and improve tropocollagen production. Finally a glow to restructure everything. https://goo.gl/s1gD1o

You can also make an appointment with your skin care professional with a Super Facial 3 in 1 OxyGeneo and deeply reoxygenate your skin!

The texture of the skin becomes softer, nourished, the grain of the skin refined, the pores are tightened, the complexion is radiant! Discover the geneo in video: https://youtu.be/m0vF-PPIVWo

All that's left to do is soothe the skin with La Bella Donna's minerals and apply makeup at the same time to start the party again...


Happy New Year and good health in 2022...