Nano Method

Nano Excellence method - Absorbable thread with blunt tip hollow needle

New soft needle easily slides into the subcutaneous layers. The product is designed to correct smaller areas of the face and neck.

The threads have specific barb arrangement. They are positioned opposite each other. Each subsequent barb is located in the opposite direction from the

previous which allows stronger hypodermis fixation, grouping the tissues on every microsection of the thread.                    

Spring method - Absorbable spring threads for revitalization and armouring

Spring threads are designed for correction of mimic wrinkles. Nano Spring smooths the skin and never migrates to lateral zones.

Wrinkles disappear creating natural look.         

Vitis method - Absorbable monofilament twisted pair threads without barbs for revitalization and armouring

After inserting, threads start untwisting and increasing the volume of the treated area.

Nano Vitis reshapes the surface of the skin and makes it visibly smoother. Wrinkles disappear creating natural look.                                                                                                                                                                                            

Therapeutic indications

Face & body armouring
Nano Excellence method application areas :
1. brow
2. cheekbone area
3. mental area
4. submental area

Spring method application areas :
1. marionette lines
2. nasolabial folds
3. interbrow folds
4. wrinkles abowe the upper lip
5. forehead wrinkles
6. brows
7. nose
8. lip contour

Vitis method application areas :
1. mental area
2. nasolabial folds
3. interbrow folds
4. interbrow wrinkles
5. crow’s feet
6. forehead wrinkles
7. upper eyelids
8. lower eyelids
9. wrinkles around ears
10. neck
11. decolletage area
12. aging hands                                                                                           


P (LA/CL) thread with barbs, EP 3, USP 2/0, 70 mm (5 pcs); Blunt tip needle 22G x 70 mm (5 pcs)
P (LA/CL) thread EP 1, USP 5/0, 940 mm spirally wrapped around the Blunt point needle 23G x 70 mm (5 pcs)
P (LA/CL) twisted pair threads EP 1, USP 5/0, 135 mm (5 pcs); Blunt point needle 22G x 70 mm (5 pcs)