Needle Shaping

Needle Shape is a device from GMV: three mixed streams that work synergistically on the surface of the needle to move and reposition the skin's fibers.

With this device, it is possible to create volumes and fade wrinkles without the need for anything else.

In this way, the application is natural and durable, with outstanding results.

The "natural fitness" performed by NEEDLE SHAPING can be summarized as follows: When the current passes through the needle, it allows the latter "to hang" the collagen and elastin fibers contained in the neighboring areas so to concentrate them in places that require filling

Applications during a session:


- bitterness

-rides of [removed]forehead, crow's feet and wrinkles of the lion).

-comparable cheekbones

-Leather plumped naturally and harmoniously

2 to 3 sessions for a lasting result, which varies between 1 and 2 years according to the patients.

28 days: rest period to be respected between two sessions.