01.03.2019 - Aptos, the 3rd generation son with Hyaluronic Acid, intense facelift and rejuvenation

Why Hyaluronic Acid?

- Anti-inflammatory effect

- Collagen and elastic stimulation

- Hydration of tissues

"All these advantages have allowed us to take a step forward between excellence and perfection," Dr. George Sulamanidze.

3rd generation, composition with hyaluronic acid

"Excellence", notched thread with autofixation system: a strong and stable facelift!

- Preloaded in a round tip cannula and with a single entry point: simple application, minimal trauma and social crowding.

- For different areas of the face: lifting effect and volume by repositioning tissues.

- The PLACL yarns have a deterioration slowed down (50% of presence after 1.5 years). Although, the lifting effect is maintained for 1 to 2 years.

What should we expect from these sons?

Used in surgery for 2 years and a half, in more than 100 patients, the results are:

- an instant effect

- a significant improvement in the texture of the skin shortly after the act

All the processes of elastin and collagen explain the rapid effect of bio-revitalization on the structure of the skin.

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