NEW: Sisthaema Hevo T & Phormae Injectables

31.05.2021 - Science and elegance: innovative aesthetic medicine

SPEGA MEDICAL is delighted to start its adventure with PRAINATTI FANHBLEY.

Inspired by the history of excellence in Italian and English luxury goods, PRAINATTI FANHBLEY was born with one clear vision in mind: to approach perfection. Their mission is to offer products based on science, imbuing them with a deep elegance. For PRAINATTI FANHBLEY, elegance is not only about impeccable style, but also about ethics, creative solutions, choice of partners and the customer experience.

The 2 stars of injectables:


Today you are entering the new era of skin regeneration.

SISTHAEMA HEVO T takes skin regeneration to another level.

A new approach to aesthetic treatment, SYSTEMIC DERMAL REGENERATION is able to continuously improve the quality and health of your skin.

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Improved biostimulation

Selective Spectrum technology and pharmaceutical grade fragmented hyaluronic acid, along with the most rigorous manufacturing standards, make PHORMAE the most unique skin biostimulant product on the market.

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