NOUVELLES ESTHETIQUES - Aesthetician's journey: "What I like about Spega..."

30.09.2021 - Discover the interview of ANOUCHKA MESSANA about the technologies she uses thanks to SPEGA BEAUTE. 

Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa magazine September edition / page 122


As she likes to say, Anouchka Messana, who runs the Instant Glamour institute, started from scratch. She started with 50 m², and today she has 350 m²! 

I often changed jobs because I had this need to always do new things. I couldn't find a field of activity that was constantly renewing itself. In the early 2000s, there was a real boom in nail art, it was the beginning of this specialization in aesthetics. I fell under the spell of the nail technician's profession, it was a real revelation to the point that I followed several training courses in nails and eyelashes as well. 


In 2011, I felt like jumping straight into the deep end by opening my own institute, Instant Glamour, which only offered nail and lash services. I was able to find a small room of 50 m², with two cabins and two nail stations in Saint Christol-lès-Alès. From the start I adopted the status of self-employed entrepreneur, I was also a freelancer for eyelashes in beauty salons in the towns around Alès. 

The aesthetic training 

At the time, not being a graduate in aesthetics, I was only doing nails. It was my customers who started to ask me for treatments, so an independent beautician came to provide these treatments to customers, but I had the click and I passed my CAP Esthetics in free candidate in 2014. 


I took a lot of risks by opening my space without a diploma, but I persevered and it paid off. In 2014, I made a bigger investment with LPG Endermologie body and face. In 2016, I invested in permanent makeup with Biotek. In 2018, I purchased Glowpen from Spega Medical, and in May 2019 OXYGENEO In June 2019, I invested again with Spega Medical with Maximus technology. It was my clients who pushed me to find a larger space because the demand was growing. In my first space, we organized a lot of events to show our clients the technologies used in the institute. The technologies presented, such as OXYGENEO, bring immediate results. This systematically triggered appointments. It is thanks to the technology that I was able to expand my space. Also, the demand for Russian volume eyelash extensions was important because at the time, this service was not widely offered in salons. Moreover, the eyelash extensions make it possible to develop customer loyalty because it is an addictive service just like the nails. The client comes back every three weeks, she is loyal. Then, we will gradually orient them towards technology. This is how we build loyalty and lead our clients towards the technologies we offer at the institute.

FROM 50 TO 350 M² !

Since last December, I have been working in a 350 m² space in Saint-Christol-lès-Alès, 500 meters from my first location!

I work with Spega Medical, OXYGENEO, Dermapen, Noon, La Bella Donna, ...

Going from 50 to 350 m² was a great evolution, I was afraid to fail, but without risks, there is no evolution. I borrowed 70,000 euros to create the new space and 20,000 euros in March 2021 for the training center.

I redid everything inside. My husband helped me a lot in the layout of my new institute, I wanted to make it a showcase, so that the clients feel like they are at home, in their salon. 

Change of decor, change of image 

My first institute was too much associated with nail salons, so I had to change the image. The concept of this new space is to show the know-how of a modern beautician. Know-how and know-how are the watchwords. Technology is at the heart of our concept. 

Thanks to this new space, I was able to create a less nail salon-oriented layout compared to the previous one. 

The challenge was also to maintain, despite the size of the space, a close relationship with my clients. And finally, my clients were delighted with this new institute. I doubled my clientele and I was able to hire. The team is now made up of three salaried beauticians, a student on a BTS and a CAP.


Meeting Spega Médical 

I met Spega Medical through the representative I knew when she worked for another brand. 

What I like about Spega is that no matter what time of day it is, the company is available for its clients. We are followed closely, no matter how much technology we use, unlike other brands. This brand is within our reach. The accounting department is accessible and more flexible. They deliver very quickly and Spega often offers new products, they are on the lookout for us beauticians who can drown in the middle of all the brands. They are very attentive and available. 

Microneedling with Dermapen

I was able to acquire the Glowpen, which became Dermapen, which is a microneedling technology. At the time of Dermapen, some beauticians did not change the needles of their pen. So Spega Medical developed a new type of connected needle that blocks after two hours of use: the Dermapen. This is a real added value in terms of quality and hygiene for clients. In addition, Dermapen has even finer needles than Glowpen, so the preservation of the client's epidermis is optimal. 

For microneedling, the advantages of Dermapen are multiple: 

it is the only technique with a connected pen that prevents needles from being reused, 

it is a device that uses extremely fine needles, which controls the speed of penetration and retraction avoiding pain and scratches.

It allows controlled perforation and creates millions of channels to carry 80% of the active agents deep into the body,

it is the fastest on the market: 120 pulses/second 

it allows for exceptional cell renewal

And a Dermaceutical range specially and 100% designed for microneedling Dermapen

This technology is exceptional. 

Oxygen 3-in-1

In a second step, I acquired the Oxygénéo 3-in-1 Super Facial which uses natural, vegan ingredients. The Oxypods are chosen according to the result we want for our client's skin. 

There are several sleeves, depending on the treatment you wish to perform: 

for deep exfoliation, 

for high frequency, used for more sensitive skin, 

for ultrasound, which oxygenates the skin and infuses the active ingredients into the skin

There are three technologies in one device! 

The results are immediate and significant and leave the skin detoxified, refreshed and hydrated with zero downtime. 

Try one treatment and you'll be back. There is 100% loyalty. 

Nails and eyelashes create loyalty among my clients on a monthly basis, but opening doors to facials like OXYGENEO means developing an important business. Every day I do facials with OXYGENEO. If I had to choose only one technology for my institute, it would be the OXYGENEO, I made it profitable in a few months! 


I also use Maximus. This device dedicated to the body combines two types of energy:

Radiofrequency which melts fat while tightening the skin 

DMA (dynamic muscle activation) which stimulates muscle contraction and encourages lymphatic drainage. 


Getting known at the beginning is not easy. You have to get a customer to come in, then get her to come back, and then come back with a friend. That's how you build up a clientele. 

Once a month, we determine the offers for the next three months. In February, the month of lovers, the offers are on massages, in March, on slimming and everything is published on our networks. A short film made for the institute is shown on our TV at the reception and posters promote the offers in the window and in the institute.

In less than a year, I managed to build up a nice file of clients. The beginning is always anxious because the schedule is not complete... A request for an appointment on a Saturday at 6:00 pm, even if it's the only appointment of the day, has to be accepted at first. That's how clients come back. To make myself known, I invested in the services of a graphic designer who created flyers corresponding to my image. I put these flyers in the shops to which I introduced myself.  

We also created a website during the March 2020 lockdown. In November 2020, we set up an online booking system with an appointment reminder via text message. We are in the communication at 1000% so that the customer can find herself easily. Today's customers are demanding. We have to adapt on all levels, on the modernity of our care and on communication.  

Social networks

Today, it's a must and it's free, it would be a shame not to use it! Every week, we publish content, such as a Skincare routine, before/after facials, eyelash extensions, and we also talk about the promotion of the month. 


The friendly and refined place differentiates us. The furniture, the welcome and the care are of quality. We work with excellent brands. The brand is the image of the institute, we must dare to invest when possible. It took me 10 years to be able to offer all my services because you have to foresee the investment and project a balance sheet on the future purchase. I went up the steps little by little. One should not start in all directions from the beginning in order to build customer loyalty. Doing a lot but in a moderate way is not profitable and even less loyal. The novelty is nevertheless important, but, little by little, and above all, it is necessary to bet on the quality. Training your beauticians where they also excel is essential. This contributes to the development of their career, the quality of their care and the loyalty of their clientele. 


All the people who work or have worked with me are not sufficiently trained beyond their basic training. So I train my team and I realized that I love to train. I therefore created a 150 m² training center at the same time as I obtained my new premises. I am passionate about this transmission of knowledge. The trainees I welcome are future beauticians who will have to excel to succeed. 


Aesthetics has changed with new technologies. Tomorrow's aesthetics will be driven by technology, we have to be in search of performance and not be afraid. Our profession has so many palettes, we cannot perform alone. We need a trained team, with whom we get along. Today, a successful beautician is a beauty specialist. You have to fight, you have to renew yourself, you have to be informed. I started from nothing and so far I have succeeded because I never gave up. You have to constantly say to yourself: "Today it works, what can I do for tomorrow too? Very often, beauticians do not project themselves enough on the long term. One should not remain on one's achievements. Aesthetics can take a new turn tomorrow and if we don't take it, the new generation of clients won't come.