Taches sur les parties intimes, nous avons enfin la solution : Me-Line Intimate !

31.05.2018 - Many women, of all ages, suffer from pigmentary disorders on the skin of the face, the body and also the intimate parts. The skin at the level of the intimate parts and underarms is particularly sensitive. It thickens discolor very quickly because of friction to clothing and underclothes too tight and the aggressions of hair removal. The majority of women have to deal with this problem, come sister Kardashian for example, who boasted in 2016 to make an intimate makeup! Intimate parts can indeed have a very different color of our complexion. More women and men are looking for a solution to reduce these discolorations. Of course, you can follow the example of Kim (Kardashian) but we offer a long-term solution: this dark pigmentation thanks to our flagship product dedicated ME-LINE INTIMATE of our range Me-Line, treatment against pigmentary stains. The consultation of a doctor is advised for this professional treatment and after a treatment in office, you must continue the care at home! (Discover home care: https://goo.gl/uGRji3) More information on https://goo.gl/9NA6nT