This is the technology I chose DERMAPEN

28.02.2021 - Discover the interview with Barbara Miralles about DERMAPEN (microneedling pen) in Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa magazine October Edition / page62

Why did you decide to work with this technology over another?

In the world of micro-needling or micro-needles, we could get lost ... There are many types of pens and tips.

My priority when working on the epidermis is SAFETY, as well as precision of execution.

The AOVN technology which automatically calibrates the speed, pressure and penetration of the 16 nanoseedles of the specific tip gives me this feeling and this result. No trace of traction on the skin and no need for local anesthesia! Not to mention the ergonomics of this pen and its biodegradable gloves which provide real working comfort.

How do you present this technology to your clients?

I can offer a comprehensive answer, since there is a full range:

- micro-needling assets (vitamins, minerals, etc. with smart, economical and hygienic packaging),

- post-treatment mask with hyaluronic acid (cocooning moment),

- day / night products, exfoliant, SPF tinted cream for home monitoring.

Dermapen is all that. This is why I use this brand which corresponds to my work philosophy

Concretely, what did this technology bring you?

Since I dared to practice and promote "Dermapen" technology:

- I have been rewarded by the loyalty of my clients and the recurrence of care,

- I was able to set up treatment formulas that boosted my turnover,

- I give a new, more modern image of the treatments possible in the cabin,

- I diversify in the face of competition.

All of this would not have been possible if I had not had a relationship of trust with my supplier Spega Beauté who, even if the

years pass, is still so innovative. All of its technologies have CE marking. He knows how to find treasures!

With this technology, is there a combination of treatments that you recommend?

What is attractive about "Dermapen" is the possibility of creating tailor-made products by being able to combine several technologies. For example: do a Geneo (oxygenation of Pollogen) before the "Dermapen" treatment to increase results in terms of skin texture, radiance, enlarged pores and deeper hydration. I also use other techniques in addition to "Dermapen", such as exposure under Led and putting on a hyaluronic acid mask with manual strokes.

How do you position yourself in general in relation to technology in aesthetics?

Thanks to this technology, beauticians can provide more efficient care and treatments that meet increasingly specific and complex needs. The beautician's role is also to advise well on current and future beauty techniques.

What do you think of beauticians who are totally resistant to technology?

In my opinion, beauticians who refuse to work with these new technologies are depriving themselves of personal growth. Having these effective treatments in our expert hands shows how our business has evolved to meet the demands of our loyal customers so that they never tire. Being avant-garde is an inherent quality in the world of aesthetics.