THUZZLE is an electro-medical device developed from a combination of the most advanced thermal technologies for the care of the entire body: facebody and intimate treatments.


  • 4 thermal energies released at 4 different depths at the same time

  • Faster and more effective treatments compared to other devices using thermal technologies

  • Visible results from first session

  • Progressive improvements with increasing sessions thanks to the possibility of working at different depths at the same time

  • 10 handpieces to operate on the whole body

  • Online temperature control on all handpieces for the safety and maximum effectiveness of each treatment

  • Motion control with accelerometers: the handpieces do not deliver energy if the treatment is not performed correctly

  • Recognition of the skin: the handpieces do not deliver energy if they are not in contact with the patient’s skin

  • The exact energy delivered into the tissue is instantaneously calculated and showed to objectivate the treatment